Holiday List

Hi Guys! 

I am so excited that this is finally happening and it should’ve happened a long time ago. Kelly Bedoni of Native Lux and I have teamed up to bring you guys an amazing list of Native owned businesses. We have included Fashion Designers/ Artists / Online Shops/ Magazines/ and Creators of indigenous Health & Beauty. 

We hope you guys can find this list useful for the upcoming holidays. Remember to support your fellow Native brothers and sisters as we use the hashtag. #BUYNATIVE #SUPPORTNATIVEBUSINESSES


She & Turquoise x Native Lux Holiday List of Native Owned Companies


OXDX Clothing
Section 35
VOSQ Clothing
Urban Native Era
B. Yellowtail
Santiago X
Maya Stewart
Patricia Michaels
Reclaim Your Power
Eighth Generation
Sho Sho Esquiro (On IG)
Dorothy Grant
Summer Peters (On IG)
Korina Emmerich
Jamie Okuma
Virgil Ortiz
Beyond Buckskin (Boutique Shop)
Felicia Gabaldon
Shy Natives
Marisa Mike (On IG)
Shayne Watson Designs (On IG/ FB)
Vernan Kee
Not Above
Can’t Fail Designs
Creations for Continuity
Natasha Alphonse Ceramics
ThunderVoice Eagle
Maka Monture (On IG)
Aly McKnight
Randy L. Barton
Tytianna Harris (On IG)
Cheyenne Randall “Indian Giver
Zoe Urness
Zohi Gallery
Steven Paul Judd
Nahko Bear
Gyasi Ross
Frank Waln
Tenille Campbell
Tanaya Winder
Yonasda Lonewolf
Juliana Browneyes
Native Max Magazine
Well For Culture
Emily Tyrrell (On IG)

Four Arrows Western Wear


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