Native Biz Cyber Monday

Hey guys!

So I did an Instagram story this morning about a Cyber Monday sale and I figured I would show you guys some of the sales I found from other Native-Owned businesses. I’ve had my eye on all of these items. So they may or may not be on my wish list! 😉 

Have an awesome Monday! 


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Bethany Yellowtail: Unity Ledger Skirt $195

Winston Paul: Satin Pleated Skirts $100 (Code: CyberMonday for 15% off)

Quwutsun Made: The Beader | Eau de Perfume $50 (Code: TZINQUAW for $5 off)

Not Above: Custom Language Necklace $76  

Section 35 : Red Sox Enamel Pin Toque $24.99 (Code: RED25 for 25% off)


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